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Two Chicken and Andouille Sausage Videos for National Gumbo Day

Have you ever been to New Orleans and had authentic chicken and andouille sausage gumbo? If so, have you tried to make a traditional version of it yourself? Today — October 12th — is National Gumbo Day. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it! If you are lucky, there will be a meat-and-three close

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Meat and Three Options and Configurations

It's exciting to see all the different meat and three options and configurations that talented chefs and cooks and operators are coming up with, given the meat-and-three restaurants, diners and cafes all over the United States now. I personally am thankful that the traditional meat-and-three still lives on in full fashion, but it's also nice to

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Nashville Hot Chicken in a Meat-and-Three World

A Hot Commodity In my last post, the idea of a working definition of a meat and three restaurant was discussed. In Middle Tennessee, where I live, "Nashville Hot Chicken" has been and is still very much a “hot” commodity. It has integrated itself into the meat-and-three world quite naturally, given that fried chicken has

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Working Definition of a Meat and Three Restaurant

Keeping It Simple When considering a working definition of a meat and three restaurant, or just a plain ole "meat and three", as most folks say, one could keep it pretty simple and be done with it. In its most basic form, a "meat and three" is a dining establishment offering an option on their

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Today is National Iced Tea Day

Today is Saturday, June 10, 2017, and is designated as National Iced Tea day on the NationalDayCalendar website. That sounds like a good thing to me. This is important to meat-and-three lovers, of course, because iced tea, especially "sweet tea" in the more southerly locales, is somewhat of a staple in this genre. It is

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It's a reasonable question: "Why should exist?" It's one I've given much thought to, and one that has led to many more questions. Is it really worth the challenge of building something from the ground up in a very crowded space? How much time is this going to require in addition to other

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